The Wonderful World of Morse Code

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The Comprehensive ICR Course

Introducing CW Innovations

We are a group of active and enthusiastic CW operators who present a unique method that gives other active, on-the-air operators the ability to improve their Morse Code proficiency through self-instruction. In and out of our virtual classroom, we are committed to sharing our specially designed curriculum, our personal experience as both learners and operators and our insights into the challenges presented at each stage of the learning process. Ultimately, our small classes ensure integrity and confidence in CW Innovations’ most important ingredient for mutual success: the relationships and support we build with one another in our shared CW journey.
We are all volunteers and we are here because this course of study has worked for us and continues to help us improve.

CW Innovations – Mission Statement

To impart the joy of Morse Code fluency by coming alongside every individual with encouragement and uniquely successful approaches to learning.

Legacy Classes

Morse Code World
All of the classes on this website are based upon Stephen Phillips’ amazing website dedicated to the Art of Morse Code.  Regardless of your Morse Code background, Stephen offers great options and flexibility to customize your practice and operating experience.
Morse Code Ninja
Kurt Zoglmann has created a vast array of everything one might need for Morse Code.  Besides software, online training, hardware, books, instruction, and advice, Kurt has developed a comprehensive Morse Code course and more than 250 incremental practice sets from 5-50wpm, including Speed Racer, N-gram (aka Sets of X Words), and spoken letter-by-letter.  There are more than 10,000 hours of popular incremental practice content available on YouTube, direct download, and podcasts. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone at Kurt’s wide-ranging site.