CW Innovations presents The Comprehensive ICR Course

Dated Jan 25, 2023

Imagine being able to advance your present CW proficiency without facing the prospect of getting stuck on a plateau. Imagine too that the characters you hear become easily familiar to copy and send, as familiar as the alphabet itself when you were first learning language.
There’s no need to imagine any of this: An independent, new Comprehensive Instant Character Recognition Course delivers this as a reality, delivering the best of CW training techniques while helping operators understand their own best way to learn, progress and further challenge themselves.
Announcing CW Innovations. This is an independently run course that is module-based. It is built on scaffolding in which each successive module provides a gentle ramp upward through the learning process. This methodical process is created to address the mental and emotional roadblocks that have typically halted learners’ progress via other teaching methods.
Introduced to students in October 2022, CW Innovations has been further refined by a highly skilled and experienced team of operator educators.  While there is no “magic pill,” CW Innovations provides a breakthrough process that is unique. Students have gained proficiency beyond their expectations. These results are unprecedented.
The 10-week course is designed for those currently operating with 10-15wpm proficiency, at least a simple presence on the air, and eager to improve both.
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A few students have shared these thoughts with us:

“I almost gave up. Stuck on a plateau for a frustrating stretch of forever, I had very little proficiency and even less confidence or hope that I could be a decent operator. After receiving 10 weeks of coaching and support from this terrific team, I have all the tools I need in order to teach myself. I can help myself make progress, sharpen both my listening and copying skills and most of all, I can have fun. Being able to do head copy was an unexpected bonus. Plateau? What’s a plateau??”
Licensed Operator since 2014 – New York

“It’s no longer learning dits and dahs…. It’s allowing yourself to hear and comprehend the sound of the characters subconsciously that will allow you to move forward in your CW skills and goals.  You’re learning how to learn CW all over again.”
Licensed Operator since 2020 – Missouri

“Why should anyone take the Comprehensive ICR course? Because if you put in the time and effort, your CW skills WILL improve. This course enabled me to go from 10 to 15 wpm copy speed as well as begin head copying my QSOs. I also, now, have the tools I need to reach any of my CW goals including listening to books in morse code, something which I never dreamed would be possible for me. The icing on the cake? The friendships I formed with facilitators and team members alike as we shared our successes and difficulties and helped one another find solutions. This course is a game changer for the world of CW.”
Licensed Operator since 2022 – Georgia

“When you ask the question about Building Morse Code Skills there is no shortage of advice.  Here the advice never changes.  CW Innovations offers a clear path forward to mastering The Code.” 
Licensed Operator since 2020 – South Carolina

“The Comprehensive Instant Character Recognition Course focuses on teaching adult students “how to learn” to head copy whilst providing the necessary tools and training needed in a clear and simple manner.  At each session, students are encouraged to provide formative feedback about each module, their achievements, and challenges, which fosters self-reflection and self-directed learning.  Moreover, this method creates an environment of trust and enables the instructor to support students in achieving their overall learning objectives.  Because of this, students can progress further and can hone their skills already acquired through this learning technique.  Therefore, I highly recommend this course.  It helped me immensely.”   
Licensed Operator since 2020 – Ohio